TechUp Development Company started in 1995

Owner background

He has a Doctorate Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. He had experience in developing high precision bearings, ballsplines,and ballscrews as hydraulic components. On the other hand, he worked with injection molding supplier to develop brakes for high-end bycicles for years.

Grow & grow

The owner of TechUp Development Company grabbed a chance to work with manufacturers to supply the first batch of fasteners in 2007. After a while, the fasteners business grew in Europe and expanded to the USA. The owner's rigorous financial control and strategic management of the company make it sustainable.


The main industry we are in is automotive, and we have been innovative and satisfied our clients with proper delivery time, competitive unit price, and required quality. Aerospace is another industry we are interested in repeating our success. We believe in our tooling and process engineering ablility. Both automotive and aerospace are in electrification and use fastener for the batteries in electric cars, aircraft, and jets. We prioritize battery fasteners.

Product Example Preview

The special about us is the owner's hands-on ability and engineering background that can build a large cargo ship. Welcome any new products that you want us to look at and produce in the best economic interest but maintain the required quality. Small batches or prototypes can still be done by a basic economic model.
By signing a contract for a cetain amount of fasteners, we arange purchasing and warehousing of the raw material in bulk, which is often the longest lead time in the supply chain. It's an option for decreasing the total time.
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