Manufacturing Expertise

Across multiple primary and secondary processes

Process Engineering

We review suppliers' tooling design and delivery dates for prototypes, especially the heat-treat schedules. To evaluate the prototype before mass production, we 100% inspect the first batch and catch quality issues based on our technical knowledge. We then send them to our clients in the same way we deal with production. GD&T and manufacturing tolerance control are our necessary implementation in every process. The control of engineering change is constant, we seperate new revision fasteners from the previous one by batch control. We had an experience deal with higher tolerance in the cold forming process to achieve affordable unit price and quality requirement. Assembling fasteners with seal and meet flatness, a secondary process for a precise slot, and a high tolerance blind hole are the examples we can do. TechUp is an egnieering company that can trade.

Through the review of MFMEA with suppliers and internal PFMEA, Control Plan, and Process Capability Study, we prevent process failures from happening to ensure the quality and promised lead time. Therefore, we provide competitive fastener prices by working efficiently. Designing, developing, and validating the manufacturing processes for our clients from scratch to completion edges our competition. The details are the key to successful development, including quality control methods such as gauge design. You will always need a local to figure out the best-fit processes and solve any quality problems before late.

Quality Engineering

We developed several quality inspection methods including Go/No-Go gauges, other hand gauges, and optical equipment. Caliper is the basic tool we bring to the factory to double-check our supplier's measurement. We maintain and store the gauges we designed and produced for measuring our client's fasteners. During the PPAP process, we coduct MSA for all of our hand gauges, optical equipment, calipers, and CMM. Besides, we conduct MSA on the supplier site for their production measuring device and equipment. We have consistently sent out multiple level 3 PPAP to our clients for each new product.

Thereafter, we review the suppliers' SPC for mass production periodically and 100% optical inspection for critical dimensions in batch. We control batches to stop any quality probelms in the early stage. Randomly sample the fasteners from the factory to inspect all dimensions on the part print in our lab periodically. Quality control is a continuous process to remain low or even zero PPM. Yes, we aim to have zero PPM.

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